Advanced Vibratory Equipment Monitoring

Have you experienced downtime? Even the smallest amount can be a financial drain. This year General Kinematics is ending the cycle of downtime with BARRIER™. The newest release from General Kinematics provides 3 levels of equipment tracking that can be customized to your process.

Data is all around us. Harnessing that data and making it work for you is the key. With GK’s next generation vibration analysis, you can now have that data at your fingertips to make the best possible decisiosn that will improve your processing power.

Ending the cycle of downtime through the latest predictive technology

Barrier Basic: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring device.

Barrier Plus: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, next business day GK Tech phone response, Annual performance review.

Barrier Premier: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, GK Tech phone response within four hours, Bi-Annual service inspections*.

* U.S. and Canada customers only

APEX™ by General Kinematics connects with our free smartphone app and is available for purchase on the GK tool shop. The latest version of the GK Accelerometer allows users to measure the performance of your vibratory equipment as well as monitor multiple pieces of equipment over time, creating the perfect tool for your toolbox.

Measures 3 axes (X, Y and Z)

Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.3” x 0.6”

Features of APEX™

 Ability to save all of the readings you collect to your phone

 Option to create an unlimited number of equipment names

 Built-in calculators for conveying speed and tonnage

 All calculators and functions support both imperial and metric units

 Measurement of stroke angle

 Measurement of equipment or rocker leg incline/decline angles

 Options to plot and save the variation of stroke and speed over time

 If you forget and leave your accelerometer on the machine your phone will vibrate when you get out of range to remind you

 Battery saving double tap activation.

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General Kinematics knows vibratory equipment. Since 1960, GK has pioneered the application of vibration with numerous patents, countless unique installations and years of technical experience to support our designs. Always customer-centric, GK’s latest innovation VERTEX™, gives customers the power and peace of mind to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

Capable of analyzing any brand of vibratory equipment, VERTEX™ detects potential overload conditions, lower performance rates and more. Reporting and creating a historical timeline of your vibratory equipment enables you to make the best decisions to maximize productivity and profits.


    BARRIER™ Basic:  Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring device.

    BARRIER™ Plus: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, next business day GK tech phone response, Annual performance review.

    BARRIER™ Premier: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, GK Tech phone response within four hours, Bi-Annual Service inspections*.

* U.S. and Canada customers only

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Features of NOMADX™

    Experienced professionals to analyze your data

    Solve Process or Production throughput issues

    Data Management

NOMADX™ is a segment of GK Field Service department is dedicated to monitoring your equipment performance data. Through reports received by both APEX™ and VERTEX™, GK offers fact-based solutions to improve your processing power.

Looking to reach new levels of production capabilities and optimize your existing equipment? Working hand in hand with your team, the NOMADX™ group has years of technical know-how to meet your goals.

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General Kinematics is the premier manufacturer of vibrating equipmentfor the processing of bulk materials. From vibratory feeders to entire process systems, General Kinematics creates the solutions you require to process even the most difficult materials.

No company in the field of vibratory equipment has consistently produced more innovative equipment ideas and problem solving application techniques than General Kinematics . For more than five decades we’ve maintained a solid reputation for design leadership – with exclusive vibratory feeder drive systems, simplified spring reactor systems, and the most rugged and reliable feeder construction available.

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